Valid Anagram


Given two strings s and t , write a function to determine if t is an anagram of s.

Example 1:

Input: *s* = “anagram”, *t* = “nagaram”
Output = `True`

Example 2:

Input: *s* = “rat”, *t* = “car”
Output = `False`

Assume string contains only lowercase letters


Other solutions can be found on the LeetCode link above.

def count_letters(s1):
    letters = {}

    for x in s1:
        if x in letters.keys():
            letters[x] += 1
            letters[x] = 1

    return letters

def isAnagram(s, t):

    result = True

    if len(s) != len(t):
        return False
    if s == t:
        return True

    lc_1 = count_letters(s)
    lc_2 = count_letters(t)

    for x in s:
        if x in t:
            if lc_1[x] != lc_2[x]:
                result = False
            return False

    return result