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Chicago Python User Group

Python Project Night

Chipy Algorithms Special Interest Group (AlgoSig)

Algo SIG is be a dedicated special interest group to discuss and practice all things algorithms. Having a solid understanding of algorithms and data structure is an important aspect of designing better software. That’s why many coding interviews, competitive programming require good grasp of algorithms. This SIG would be dedicated to hands on solving of such problems and discussions so that we can all get better at it together.


6:00pm: Doors Open
6:10pm: Introductions
6:15pm: Split into groups
6:30pm: Start solving problems
8:00pm: Reconvene & go over solutions
8:30pm: Close of the event

RSVP Required:

Bank of America is located in 540 West Madision, 28th floor, which requires all attendees to RSVP at least 24 hours before the time of the event, WITH THEIR FULL NAME, for building security reasons. Please make sure your last name is either visible on your meetup account or that you provide it during registration. The RSVP requirements cannot be waived at the door by the hosts.